The bigger you dream, the brighter is your future.
I live by this quote and work hard to achieve the biggest business empire all over India & globally. After successfully completing 18 years in the industry of recruitment, manpower IT, Outsourcing, headhunting, Tours & Travels, Healthcare under the flagship of HR Group, we are excited to step forward to a new venture. We have a stronghold in industries such as healthcare, outsourcing, facility management & other industries and now we look forward to achieving success in delivery services.

We have accomplished daunting tasks in the past and undergone many trials but with our hard work, dedication & families wishes, we have surpassed all & raised our bar to the international level. Moreover we have served more than 500 + clients in the Middle East, Europe & Asia with 100 % satisfaction rate. As we ponder back, we just started small & now we are so big that we have launched yet another company under the name of WeDeliver in Dubai.

As a deliver company, our aim is to offer a wide range of customer-requested services, including transportation, e-commerce, grocery, retail & others, making us a one-stop shop for logistical solutions.

Our aim is to become our customers' most important supply chain link by offering safe, trustworthy services that surpass customer expectations at competitive prices. We will be able to identify our customers' exact needs and provide the greatest service, in my opinion, because of our extensive experience in the logistics sector and our use of cutting-edge technology and scientific tools and methodologies. By our customer-oriented work procedures, unique services, and active investment in our fleet, we have been devoting all of our resources to suit your varied needs.

The importance of trust in any relationship is not in its bind but in its bond, and it has always been our objective to uphold eternal bonds for building solid connections with our clients by consistently making on-time, safe, and secure deliveries. Last but not least, your confidence in us will be vital as we work to establish ourselves as the nation's top delivery service provider.

I believe that a solid relationship is the foundation of every successful business. WeDeliver strives to provide customers & our clients with the best possible service. We put a lot of effort into developing a strong sense of teamwork, as well as continuously investing in innovation and raising the caliber of our services. I thank all our valuable clients for entrusting us with their delivery needs. It’s our promise to keep intact your faith and expectations in terms of quality services. Let’s continue this journey of success together.